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Air Conditioners Prices in Hongkong

Latest Air Conditioners Price List (2020) Updated Prices
24v220v 2000w Solar Air Conditioner Inversor, 2kw Inversor Free ShippingHK$ 2,503
25TR (R22) stainless steel plate heatexchanger working as evaporator of water chiller for office building air conditionerHK$ 10,757
DN250 flanged Cast Iron Balancing Valve mainly for hospital air conditioner systems, please consult us about shipping costsHK$ 15,115
4.5HP micro-channel heat exchanger as condenser of 58000BTU air conditioner or water chiller for villa, apartment or resturantHK$ 57,189
B3-200-36D PHE for hotel central air conditioner and central water heater or steam water heaterHK$ 7,722
Humidifier Humidificador Essential Oil Diffuser Aromaterapia Humidifier Usb Portable Air Conditioner Aroma OilHK$ 91
8HP fin & tube heat exchanger suitable for 68000BTU air conditioners or 20KW water chillers and water temperature machinesHK$ 5,868
DMWD Cooling Air-conditioning Fan Portable Air Conditioner Refrigeration Filter HumidificationHK$ 354
Solar Air Conditioner inverter 24VDC to 220vVAC 6000w Off Grid Tie Solar Inverter, CE&SGS&RoHS&IP30 ApprovedHK$ 5,562
4HP R22 refrigerant air conditioner compressors is special design for Variable refrigerant flow systems for regulating capacityHK$ 3,286


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