Bluetooth Headsets Price List in Hongkong

Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2018

FineBlue FX1 image
FineBlue FX1
HK$ 66.70
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Joway H-12 image
Joway H-12
HK$ 117.59
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FineBlue FX-2 image
FineBlue FX-2
HK$ 76.90
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Samsung EO-MG920 image
Samsung EO-MG920
HK$ 185.10
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Remax RB-T9 image
Remax RB-T9
HK$ 87.40
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Awei A845BL image
Awei A845BL
HK$ 140.49
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Remax RB-T6C image
Remax RB-T6C
HK$ 136.05
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FineBlue Mate 7 image
FineBlue Mate 7
HK$ 91.69
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FineBlue F458 image
FineBlue F458
HK$ 148.64
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FineBlue F-V2 image
FineBlue F-V2
HK$ 104.02
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Joway H-05 image
Joway H-05
HK$ 101.68
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FineBlue FM500 image
FineBlue FM500
HK$ 116.22
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FineBlue F960 image
FineBlue F960
HK$ 109.72
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Samsung MN910 image
Samsung MN910
HK$ 465.41
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FineBlue C8 image
FineBlue C8
HK$ 164.76
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Xiaomi Piston III Youth Edition image
Xiaomi Piston III Youth Edition
HK$ 39.35
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FineBlue M1 image
FineBlue M1
HK$ 132.63
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Sony XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones image
Sony XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones
HK$ 585.00
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Hoco E5 image
Hoco E5
HK$ 85.84
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Awei A871BL image
Awei A871BL
HK$ 281.01
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Joway H-02 image
Joway H-02
HK$ 56.52
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Awei A850BL image
Awei A850BL
HK$ 78.02
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Awei A630BL image
Awei A630BL
HK$ 156.84
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Plantronics Voyager Legend CS image
Plantronics Voyager Legend CS
HK$ 1,287.55
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Remax RB-T5 image
Remax RB-T5
HK$ 158.27
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Awei A833BL image
Awei A833BL
HK$ 106.62
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Awei A810BL image
Awei A810BL
HK$ 158.42
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FineBlue FD600 image
FineBlue FD600
HK$ 121.77
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Plantronics Voyager Legend UC image
Plantronics Voyager Legend UC
HK$ 1,080.19
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QCY J05 image
HK$ 281.14
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Samsung HM1950 image
Samsung HM1950
HK$ 203.02
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Hoco E7 image
Hoco E7
HK$ 98.09
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Bluetooth Headsets Prices in Hongkong

Latest Bluetooth Headsets Price List (2018) Updated Prices
FineBlue FX1HK$ 67
Joway H-12HK$ 118
FineBlue FX-2HK$ 77
Samsung EO-MG920HK$ 185
Remax RB-T9HK$ 87
Awei A845BLHK$ 140
Remax RB-T6CHK$ 136
FineBlue Mate 7HK$ 92
FineBlue F458HK$ 149
FineBlue F-V2HK$ 104


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